Thursday, 19 September 2013

Under Construction

My house is currently under construction.  This means a number of things:

1. It's cold.  It wasn't so bad a few weeks ago, but now it's getting uncomfortable.  The entire back wall of our house has been removed for an extension, and up until yesterday the only thing between us and the elements was some OSB (plywood to non-timber folk), some hastily tacked up leftover insulation, and black plastic (as seen in the picture).  Yesterday the guys put in a temporary frame (what you see in the pic will eventually be glass) so it should be getting better.

2. It's cramped.  The extension is for our kitchen, and means that as a result of internal framing, our kitchen is missing about 1/4 of its original width and I can't open any of the drawers for the pots and pans, so everything's sitting on the counter.  So, in addition to being cramped, it's messy.

3. It's dark.  Several windows have been removed to make what will ultimately be a really awesome light trap, but without the windows, it's just dark and dreary.

We've had a lot of delays - half of the windows were meant to be going in this week.  We're now being told the end of October for the whole lot.  We've had mishaps - pieces being incorrectly sized.  

At first it was ok, fun, even.  We were planning what the new kitchen space would be, how we wanted to construct our new kitchen island without breaking the bank, the whole lot.  Now, it's less fun.  Our (super belated) wedding reception is next weekend and our house is a building site. 

All of the above aren't really conducive to taking pictures of food (here's a camera phone picture of dimly lit food in a messy kitchen! Enticing!) or being very creative with it.  

I'll add pictures to past recipes as I can take them, and will get back on the wagon in terms of posting as soon as the house is less miserable. 

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